Mama's Kitchen: a Lithuanian cottage kitchen

When I was a girl my mother had a little wooden kitchen roombox. I loved that thing. She was forever telling me to be careful with it, because the glue was old and the little bowls, etc. were falling off the shelves. It's gone now. Has been for quite a while. I don't know which one of us finally did it in, whether it was me or my younger sisters. Some years ago I was trying to think of something to give my mother for Christmas and I remembered that old kitchen. My mother was born in an old log house in Lithuania and I thought it would be nice to try and make a new roombox. Believe me, it was tough to find pictures of Lithuanian cottage kitchens, but I managed to find enough information to get me started.I figured I couldn't be totally accurate, so I went for a colorful folk art look. The stove is the kind that was used in northern Europe, and I've seen several versions of it in Lithuanian cottage photos that I've found since then. I've seen a similar stove in cottage photos from other parts of Europe and even in a British film set in medieval England, only without the chimney hood.

After mama passed away I got the kitchen back. It met with an accident on the flight home, and I had to make some repairs. You can see more picture of the kitchen on the New England Miniatures blog, together with pictures of the shadow box that inspired me to make it.

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